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A lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes here at Rick’s RSS to totally revamp the way the site looks and more importantly provide high quality editorial content that you can truly use in your professional communication life.

My last post for 2009 is about the future and not the past. if we ever needed validation that social media isn’t a fad, 2009 gave us all of the examples we’ll ever need.

How to use Social Media to Enhance Marketing Opportunities?

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(Be in Business for Yourself – Not by Yourself)

Businessman on Roller CoasterWhether you are Generation Y just starting out or a Baby Boomer starting anew, starting your own business can resemble a roller coaster ride.   Slow jerking starts, fast jolting stops, high ups, low downs with dizzying loops that take you round and around.   Many entrepreneurs find themselves alone deciding on company names, writing a business plan, creating marketing collateral, and establishing a mission statement with a higher calling than to make lots of money, pay bills, provide a product or service they enjoy and hope others appreciate.

Today’s challenges are not where to hang your shingle as much as they are claiming your domain name , building your company’s website and diving into the social media marketing game.  With so much information available at the click of a mouse and search of a tweet, it is no wonder many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a web of analysis paralysis.

So, here are a few tips to help get unstuck for those that want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

• Just Get Started – The best way to get unstuck is through forward movement.  Take action.  Make a decision to take incremental steps.  It does not require a big budget to get going, there are free and inexpensive resources available.  Sites like VistaPrint.com have a big selection of templates bundled to produce business cards, brochures and even a free matching website for starters. However, for the website, I recommend you buy your own domain name through someone like www.GoDaddy.com, www.Intuit.com, www.Register.com or www.DreamHost.com and they offer reasonable hosting, website templates and a 24/7 technical support to help you at 2:00 in the morning. Or, commit to starting a blog.

Get a Coach/Accountability Partner – Work with a professional or business Coach. A business Coach can serve as a thinking partner to help provide strategic planning as well as create awareness to beliefs and behaviors getting in your way. If you can’t afford to hire one look into bartering your services for a few coaching sessions to get you on the desired path. Find a friend or colleague that you trust to share your vision and hold you accountable to deadlines and commitments.

STOP – I Wanna GET OFF! – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Yell if you have to. As the saying goes, “We have not because we ask not”. Don’t hesitate to let others know what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and what you need. This level of transparency and authentic direct communication is not only emancipating but it can be the fuel that drives the content for your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

If you still feel paralyzed and alone get guidance from a reputable social media consultant that will serve as a partner and simplify social media solutions for you. They will work closely with you to help create the vision, implement strategy, monitor the progress, and produce results. You are not alone.

Check back next month for more marketing coaching tips for small businesses. Got a question? Let us know below.

Angela Charles (The Marketing Coach) is a certified Leadership Coach, Marketing Consultant and Social Media Enthusiast.   She is a monthly blogger here at RicksRSS.   You can follow and direct message her on Twitter at
http://twitter.com/accenterprise.   Or email angela.charles@ricksrss.com.



I just figured out how to save the newspaper industry!

My idea (actually it’s not all that original, but hopefully I’m taking it a step further) is to stop selling newspapers and instead sell newspaper apps via the iTunes’ App Store!

As newspapers feebly continue their losing game of tug-of-war against the strong arm of Internet news, many blame the nefarious “blog” as the culprit of traditional print media’s slow and painful death.  Print bigwigs have been desperately trying to come up with new, viable business models to prevent traditional print from falling into critical condition.

Although I follow this stuff closely, even I am sometimes surprised how far news on the web has come. Tuesday’s speech by President Barack Obama and the Republican response by Louisanna Governor Bobby Jindal was a pretty amazing example of that. I wasn’t necessarily impressed by what each man said, but rather in observing the revolutionary way more than 100,000 people watched and interacted with what was being said.



 I either should thank or blame the Knight Digital Media Center for turning me  into the digital journalism madman I’ve become in recent years. 

Media is making a buck off Barack

Media is making a buck off Barack


The inauguration was more proof President Barack Obama is good news for the news business. I’m calling the profiting of the President the Double O — ObamaOnomics.

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