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microsoftToday, Microsoft Corp revealed the creation of a website, Elevate America, aimed to help people gain access to job training tools.

The site will provide resources to help with technical skills needed for obtaining jobs. Several Microsoft online training programs will be accessible through the website, including how to use the internet, send e-mail, and create a resume, along with more advanced programs for using specific Microsoft applications.



 I either should thank or blame the Knight Digital Media Center for turning me  into the digital journalism madman I’ve become in recent years. 



Journalists who have recently lost their jobs are hit with a double whammy in this tough economy– out of work and looking for work at the same time! For some news veterans this is the first time in a long, long time they’ve had to search for a job.


Keeping tabs on the downsizing of newspaper jobs

Keeping tabs on the downsizing of newspaper jobs

Normally we think a paper cut is when you slice your finger on the sharp end of a piece of paper. For journalists, specifically newspaper journalists, 2008 redefined the meaning of a “paper cut.”  No doubt, both versions hurt like heck.

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