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Facebook, Inc.
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The Easy Way To Market Successfully on FACEBOOK
It’s not just enough to put your business on Facebook and expect it to gain recognition! It takes effort to market your business on Facebook, which you can successfully do with these simple tips:

LinkedIn For Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals, and it is also a must-have for online business owners hoping to gain exposure.

Let me start out by saying that LinkedIn should never be used for spam to promote your business because you will be penalized right away!  LinkedIn is the opportunity to generate legitimate connections and create business opportunities.  Once you have created your profile, make sure that you include details about your company to build credibility and trust.

Next, you can use this social media website to create polls, which will give you instant and effective market research.   If you are wondering what tweaks that you can make to your company to enhance conversions in sales, this is the best place to do so.  Once you have done a survey or poll, you can share all of the results with your contacts, and they can reciprocate their opinions.

Last of all, use LinkedIn to establish your company as an expert or authority.  If you are trying to stay ahead of your competitors, there is nothing better that you can do than establishing your expert status online.  All users online are looking for relevant and credible sources of information, and people will begin to trust you and your brand if you can provide this content.  Visited the forums on LinkedIn to offer answers to many of the different questions and to also give advice.  You can also become involved by asking pertinent questions to stir up conversation and potentially draw people to your company or service.

Be creative with your use of LinkedIn, and don’t leave any stone unturned in your marketing!

Thecompleteguidetogooglewavecover01If there were ever a need for a “Google Wave For Dummies” book this is the time. But until one is published it looks like a pretty darn good alternative is already on the market; it’s called, The Complete Guide to Google Wave. And it’s FREE!

Very soon Facebook users will be able to speak with their friends on Facebook.
The social media giant just announced it will soon release a third partywebvoice application that will allow any user to start a conversation with anyone on their friends list.
According to several news reports, “the new technology is not being offered by Facebook itself. Instead, it’s from Vivox, a Boston-based company that provides voice service for virtual worlds like Second Life and EVE Online, and which already has more than 15 million users worldwide.

I make no apologies when it comes to Twitter. I like using it. It’s become a great resource to find news I’m looking for and for keeping tabs on news sources I want to follow.

When Facebook changed its design recently it came at the exact time I had just started consulting a new client on how to use the social networking service. So not only was I training my client on how to get started on Facebook I also had to get up to speed on the sites new functionality. Well, word has it that Facebook isn’t done making changes.


One of the most read posts on this site has been, Do You Own Your .Com? It talked about the importance of claiming your domain name before someone else beats you to it. Well, here’s a new question: Do You Own Your Social Networks? If not, you should.


Sexting Is Not So Cool

Sexting Is Not So Cool



How many of you own your .com, .net, .org or .info.

Seriously, if you’ve never checked to see if your name is available as a web address, I highly recommend that you do so now! Chances are if you have a fairly common first and last name, your .com domain name could already be taken.

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