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Use Facebook To Market Your Business

If you are currently only using Facebook to chat with friends and family members, then you are missing out on a serious success tool for your business!

Farmers Market Facebook

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Free Twitter badgeHow To Use Twitter in PR

If you have not yet created a Twitter account as a PR representative, then add that to the top of your list! Social media is one of the newest trends online, but it is also a lasting way to establish credibility for your business.

To begin with, start following and connecting with people on Twitter. The reason that this is so important in PR is that it is a huge mistake to just follow people blindly and never talk to them. There is no reason to attempt to get 1 million followers like some celebrities have done, but instead, make real connections to allow people to remember who you are. People on any social media site are incredibly turned off to spam, so check generic tweets at the door and truly get to know people.

If you have made a pitch with an account or client, you can also use Twitter to check in with them. This is a nonconfrontational and easy way to make connections with people, and they will often be more apt to respond in this type of non-threatening environment.

Last of all, when using Twitter, make listening your priority. People come to Twitter to connect and vent, so it is a good move to listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. It does not have to be all about you! Yes, you may have plugged into social media to gain exposure to your brand, but you will make much more of an impact when you are listening and interacting with people than simply talking about yourself.

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How To Use Social Media To Market Your Business

Social media is a multifaceted concept, but the great news for you to know as a business owner is that it provides a wealth of options in marketing and promoting your company online!

To start out with, get the basic social media profiles under your belt, like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. These websites are used by millions of people worldwide, and they will allow a simple landing page for customers to find you and ask questions about your business or services.

Next, get involved in a number of social bookmarking websites, like Digg, Reddit, and Technorati. It is highly important to get your page categorized on these social bookmarking websites because people all over the Internet use them as their main source of information. They can in turn pass your page along to other users, gaining you more exposure.

Last of all, do not neglect content sharing to market your business online! The Internet is content driven, so one of the best things that you can do for yourself is write articles or hire someone to write articles for you that can be distributed online. Some of the best places to do this are Ezine, Hubpages, and Squidoo. The reason that these are so beneficial is because users online will go to these sources for content about a subject matter, and the article will link back to your website. Not only does this benefit your company’s website by helping you to rank higher, but it will also drive traffic directly back to your website when a user reads your article.

These article directories are highly important because they allow you to saturate the web with your content and gain more exposure!

Use Social Media To Get To The Source

Almost every company out there should have a reputable website, but how do you get customers or users to see it? There are a number of different Internet marketing tactics that can be used, but if a website has hired you for public relations, then they will appreciate your knowledge of social media.

First of all, a website online may already have a number of different social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook. However, these websites are only a springboard to get more visitors to come to the actual website source. This is where visitors can find out more about the brand, purchase products, or sign up for services. One of the best ways that Twitter can be used to do this is by promoting free offers or deals. People are drawn to something that is free, and they will also pay attention to these types of tweet deals.

Just as a word of caution, do not bombard Twitter with freebies and deals over and over again! People may block you or unfollow you because it is obnoxious, but if you sandwich these types of tweets with actual content and information, then people will be likely to listen to you. Start out by cultivating genuine relationships with people on Twitter, and thread these tweeds with information about deals on a company’s website. You can place the website of a company directly in a tweet, and you can also include coupon codes for new customers.  The more followers that you have on Twitter, the more traffic that you will be able to drive to a company’s website that you are promoting!

Facebook, Inc.
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The Easy Way To Market Successfully on FACEBOOK
It’s not just enough to put your business on Facebook and expect it to gain recognition! It takes effort to market your business on Facebook, which you can successfully do with these simple tips:

Facebook, Inc.
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Creating Your Social Media Profile with Facebook Pages.
As a PR Professional promoting a specific company, a good line of strategy is to have a Facebook profile. Facebook Pages are designed to serve as that official profile. There are millions of Facebook users worldwide, so it is important that the company you are representing is out there to have their own distinguishing voice.

LinkedIn For Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals, and it is also a must-have for online business owners hoping to gain exposure.

Let me start out by saying that LinkedIn should never be used for spam to promote your business because you will be penalized right away!  LinkedIn is the opportunity to generate legitimate connections and create business opportunities.  Once you have created your profile, make sure that you include details about your company to build credibility and trust.

Next, you can use this social media website to create polls, which will give you instant and effective market research.   If you are wondering what tweaks that you can make to your company to enhance conversions in sales, this is the best place to do so.  Once you have done a survey or poll, you can share all of the results with your contacts, and they can reciprocate their opinions.

Last of all, use LinkedIn to establish your company as an expert or authority.  If you are trying to stay ahead of your competitors, there is nothing better that you can do than establishing your expert status online.  All users online are looking for relevant and credible sources of information, and people will begin to trust you and your brand if you can provide this content.  Visited the forums on LinkedIn to offer answers to many of the different questions and to also give advice.  You can also become involved by asking pertinent questions to stir up conversation and potentially draw people to your company or service.

Be creative with your use of LinkedIn, and don’t leave any stone unturned in your marketing!

The LinkedIn Advantage for Public Relations

No matter who you are representing as a public relations professional, it is to a company’s advantage to have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses, and it also provides a way to announce news about a company, like job openings or upcoming events. This is a great approach to connect with other professionals, especially people who may be interested in the brand.

The next step for a company to take after joining LinkedIn is to become part of different groups.  This will enhance the popularity of the company in the same way as if they were joining a number of clubs at school to run for class president, and LinkedIn provides a simple approach by allowing a company to join different groups and create relationships. If you are representing a clothing company, then there are a number of different fashion and clothing groups that can be joined to make connections and contacts.

Last of all, use LinkedIn to establish the company that you are representing as an expert.  There is an area called the Answers forum where users can answer questions and give advice.  People will be much more likely to pay attention to a company and brand if they can talk the talk, which is why it pays to provide answers in social media to establish a trustworthy company.  This is a huge resource to use because people on LinkedIn may be looking to have specific questions answered, and if you are the company to do so, then that is immediate brand loyalty!

How To Use Twitter for Advanced Marketing!
If your company is already active on Twitter, then all the better! However, if you want to take it to the next level, one of the best things that you can do is rely upon the use of keyword searches on Twitter.

Twitter allows you to type in specific keywords so that you can find people in your niche market. This is helpful because people interested in your subject matter will be apt to also follow you back and create a social network that is cohesive to your business. From there, you can download many different Twitter apps that allow you to search Twitter based on a specific keyword.

If your company is already well known, then you will want to search for your specific company name on Twitter, and also any services or products that you may have to offer. The results that you see will be tweets and legitimate conversations by users about your company. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to marketing by understanding exactly what customers are looking for, addressing any concerns that they may have, and also following users interested in your company.

For example, if you offer any type of online repair service, did you can search for keywords on “XX repair”. If users on Twitter are discussing where or how they can get a certain item repaired, you can immediately swoop in to answer their question and refer them to your company. Instant marketing success! Using this simple method will allow you to access insider information from fellow Twitter users and connect with them about your company online.

The Wrong Way

Social Media Etiquette

If you are operating as a PR firm representing a number of different clients, then you have probably discovered the advantage of social media to expose their businesses and brand names. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind as the right and wrong ways to approach social media through PR:

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