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Two very different stories in the news this week speak volumes about an ongoing conflict in social media – a conflict that has been pushed aside for some time, but will undoubtedly come into the picture more and more in the near future.

Social networks are the shiny new toys of the advertising industry. Like limitless digital playgrounds, social networks allow advertisers to experiment with inexpensive campaigns in a variety of directions and reach an audience as broad or finely segmented as they wish with virtually no financial or reputational repercussions.

As the country faces record-high unemployment rates, there may be one industry that’s actually hiring: crisis management.  The reason?  Well, with social media now thrown into the brand management mix, constantly spewing information across the internet to anyone and everyone paying attention for a nanosecond, there’s a lot more ground to cover when a crisis hits.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone…right?  Try telling that to Facebook.

On Tuesday, Google, the Internet behemoth, introduced its take on social networking with a new service called Google Buzz.  The service is built within the Gmail system, and provides Gmail users with a venue to share updates, photos and videos with the fellow Gmail community.

Today, across the country, football fans woke up like it’s Christmas morning; betting pools are now being finalized, cheese-laden dips are being stirred to heart-stopping perfection and beer cans are clicking open at an alarming rate, all in preparation for the biggest night on television, football’s highest Holy Day, the Super Bowl.

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Apple seems to truly be taking over the world.  Their products have struck a chord with…well, with every single person on the planet.  But more than that, they seem to be quietly – with a smile and a clever, catchy ad campaign – ticking away media after media off a master checklist, swallowing one industry after another in the friendliest monopoly ever witnessed.

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Twenty hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.  It gets over a billion views per day.  It’s reached over 100 million U.S. users.  And as company rep, Chris Dale, told the New York Times: “If all three major U.S. TV networks (NBC, CBS and ABC) had been broadcasting for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 60 years, they still wouldn’t equal the amount of content uploaded to YouTube in under 60 days.”

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The New York Times ran a lengthy article on Wednesday analyzing a seemingly startling fact—teens haven’t been Twittering!  Indeed, according to a report released Tuesday by comScore, the age group that is usually considered the leaders in adapting to, using and promoting new technologies is strangely absent in Twitterville.  Instead, older populations have been driving the microblogging site’s insane popularity, the report says.

As football season gets ready for kick-off, college-league fans across the country are eagerly awaiting the glorious day they can once again proudly don their favorite team’s jersey, open a fresh tube of facepaint and consume enough barbeque and beer to feed an entire lecture hall.

Cellphone-addicted theatergoers can rejoice– no longer do they have to feel shamed by their fellow audience members’ disgusted sneers when their LCD-screens disrupt the darkness.  Well, only if they’re at a performance of  “Next to Normal,” anyway.

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