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These days, social media should be no stranger to the journalist. One of the main questions that you may be asking yourself is whether or not you should create your own blog, and the simple answer is yes.

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Facebook is an excellent source for journalists online looking to find leads, connect with people, and receive the latest news and information. However, it is important to continue to present yourself as a professional and also maintain your integrity in your online interactions.

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If you are a working journalist, then it is key in this day and age to understand the ins and outs of social media, where ever you may work.

Millions of people worldwide have a Facebook profile, potentially including your third grade teacher and your great aunt. The reason that this is so beneficial to you as a journalist is that this social media website can be used to access serious information, make connections, and generate leads.

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Linked In is the popular and interactive social media website focusing on the career driven professional. As a journalist, this is one of the best resources to have on hand to not only make personal connections but increase your visibility and sphere of influence.
Here are the top five tips for your Linked In success:
1.Use your own picture: This is immensely important because people want to see a real face to your name when looking at your profile, and it will generate greater results in connections and job opportunities.
2.Be creative in your experience: Employers are going to visit Linked In specifically looking for the perfect candidate, so if you are hoping to freelance as a journalist, then make sure to list any and all experience you may have, even if it was not in the workplace.
3.Create a community: The whole point of social media is to connect to get to know people, and on this career driven website, you will see the best results in creating your own sense of community. You can ask for recommendations from people who have worked with you, and make sure to also write recommendations for others to perpetuate integrity and goodwill.
4.Offer your opinion: Many of the benefits of social media are found in giving freely of yourself. If you want to get your name out there as a journalist and increase your credibility, then it is best to give other people advice to establish yourself as an expert.
5.Join groups! These groups are incredibly helpful if you want to stay plugged in to those in the journalism field. What better way to find out about the latest job opportunities or news than by connecting with those in your community?

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So you have your Twitter profile, but don’t know where to begin? If you are a journalist hoping to use social media to your advantage, then it pays to put thought into who you follow on Twitter.
Begin by going to the tool at the top of the page called “Find People”. This allows you to put in a topic and find users that specialize in this subject. When you type “news” into the search bar, you can find users like CNN, CBSNews, BreakingNews, bbcbreaking, nprnews, and pages more! Start out by following all news related Twitter users in your area of interest. From this point, you can log in to your Twitter account every single day and hear what these people are saying.

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Social media is something highly important to any career professional online, but even more so for the modern journalist. To begin, Linked In is a social media website that is actually one of the best tools for networking available online.

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Whether you are beginning or experienced in your journalism career, the Internet is the tool that you have been looking for to gain exposure and take your work to the next level! One of the biggest benefits of social media to a journalist is making a name for yourself. This is something that can happen through involvement in social networks, allowing you to not only garner the hottest topics, but also put your face out there for greater recognition.

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If you are a politician or a government official, you may find it difficult to give a name to a cause or create awareness about a certain charitable event. Much of politics and government has to do with passing legislation and fighting for a cause or belief system, but the only way to generate long-lasting results is by taking it to the masses.

Instead of scouring a number of different blogs and websites as a journalist, cut to the chase and get your news directly from Twitter! Right now, Twitter is the king of social media, so start out by setting up your own profile if you have not done so already.

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