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If you are considering using Twitter to provide information about your church or religious group, then you may also want to consider the social media tool of Gospelr.
This is a social media website that is similar to Twitter, but it has a Christian and religious theme. This is a ministry service that focuses on micro-blogging, and it also allows you to tweet. However, the creators of this tool consider it to be an online Bible study, so you can talk and discuss with other Christians.
This is a quick and convenient way to connect with other people in your faith, especially if you have a prayer request, question about the Bible, or just want to make new friends. This is a similar website that works with updating real-time information, and it will also allow you to follow other people within your area of interest.
For a church, this is a gold mine opportunity because you are catering to your exact niche market. If you are hoping to reach more people online and in your local area, then this is a great social media resource that is similar to Twitter.
The best way to use this type of tool is to follow people and make genuine connections. If you set up a personal profile for your church, then other people can also follow you, and they can receive information about new events or fundraisers within your church community. This is a convenient social media tool for any Christian religious organization or church group because it allows you to directly connect with users with similar interests to build lasting relationships online.

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If you are a church or religious organization already using Twitter, then it pays to integrate the use of TweetDeck! This is a highly beneficial Twitter tool that you can upload directly to your desktop.
The reason that this is so helpful for a church organization is that it shows you all aspects of Twitter at one time to promote greater organization and relevant content. One of the biggest benefits to this tool is the keyword search. If you are a church on Twitter hoping to engage and get to know people in your community, then you can start by searching for specific keywords.
Begin by searching for your own church name, faith, or specific area of interest. This will bring up conversations that people are having about these topics, and you can chat with them to your liking.

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One of the biggest purposes of a church or religious organization is to create a call to action within the congregation. This is a way to inspire people to become a part of something bigger than themselves and get involved in community activities.

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If you are a religious organization or church using Twitter to connect with local communities, then here are the top tips to help you in your success:

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Being a part of a religious organization is all about connecting with the community, and there is no better way to do that than through social media and social bookmarking!

One of the main benefits in using social media to gain exposure for your church is that you can be a part of news or conversations regarding your organization or community.

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To tell you the truth, many churches struggle with the use of social media because it seems almost wrong to market a church or religious organization. However, you are truly neglecting the advancement of the times if you are not taking advantage of these technologies, and they will also provide a way to help people in your area find your church community.

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One of the best platforms in social media for religious organizations is in blogging. If your church is interested in setting up a blog to reach out, here is how to begin:
• Start out by going to a free blogging platform, like WordPress, and signing up for an account. This is a very easy process that will allow you to choose a theme and name for your blog, and then you are in business!
• As a church, determine to write blogs on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than a dead or neglected blog that does not have updated information. You can use this blogging platform to write about community events or matters that are close to your heart.
• The benefits to using blogs as a local church or religious organization is that people all over the Internet can easily find them. Blogs are seen as fresh content on Google, so they will temporarily shoot to the top of the search engine results. This will allow people looking for information on your church in your area to find you very easily, and it will also show what you are about.
• Ask your staff to contribute to the blog. Your church members may be quite interested to hear from those active in the church, so ask pastors, youth ministers, and children’s workers to share their blog entries and provide a greater heart and voice to the church.
• Update your blog entries on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, update all new blogs regularly so that your followers can stay connected.

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I know it’s not always a good idea to discuss politics AND religion in the same conversation but I’ll take a crack at it to try and make a point.
During this most holiest of religious seasons it’s not surprising that a conversation about the continued relevance of organized religion would occur.
My hometown paper, The Hartford Courant, just published an article detailing the decline of membership at local churches and what some congregations are doing to stem the flow of dwindling parishioners and weekly financial offerings.
This is a trend affecting churches everywhere. Even before I read the article It seemed to me that a major focus of most churches these days is to try lure people back into a brick and mortar church building. Nothing wrong with trying to get more people to attend church regularly, but I think another approach to reconnect with former church goers and to attract new one is the Internet. There are many online tools like blogs and social media churches can and should be using to talk to people when they aren’t in church.
What’s the tie-in with politics? Local, state and national politicians have quickly learned that the web has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to build an audience and raise campaign cash.
As distasteful and immoral as politics can be at times, churches would be wise to take a sneak peak at the digital doings of the political set.

Churches are a hubbub of information and activities, and it can often be difficult to stay organized! If you are trying to organize youth events, fundraisers, and charitable donations, one of the best ways to inform all of your members is through social media profiles.
Perhaps the most popular would be Facebook, and having a main Facebook page for your church will provide a place for members to become your friends, connect with each other, and also stay up to date with new information. As an example, you can create specific Facebook pages for each type of ministry within your church. If you have a thriving college age ministry, then the odds are that your members are on Facebook.
It is also likely that they will probably not take the time to save all of the church bulletins with event information, so it would be much more convenient for the college aged church members to check Facebook for new information about meetings, Bible studies, and events.
Pages on Facebook can be created for a number of purposes, especially if members of your church are doing mission work overseas, and people want to remain updated on their status. A Facebook page for a specific ministry or missionary provides an easy way for the church to keep members in touch with them, and it also allows church members to donate and support them.
The bottom line is that as a church or religious organization, the very best way to streamline all activities and information is through a social media profile. This will not only keep your members informed, but it will make church organization that much easier.

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