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Ok, Facebook applications and games were not the buzz at E3 that I dreamed they would be. Farmville was barely even mentioned, actually. However, there was a couple of announcements that made it clear that social media was a big part of gaming’s future.

It will be like World of Warcraft for all ages. It will be like The Sims with storyline. However, it will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before – on both PC and Mac.

Need gaming news and updates at all times of the day and night? Look no further than the G4 iPhone application. The best part is that it’s entirely free.

In living rooms and dorm rooms worldwide gamers are connected to an enormous network of like-minded individuals with one thing in mind – killing everyone in sight.

In between 3D graphics and motion sensor technology, it was a simple idea that will ultimately make the biggest difference in the next year of video gaming – user-generated content.

The Playstation Move, a response to the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Kinect, is pretty amazing but what Sony has done with Little Big Planet 2 will forever change the industry. And more people should have seen this coming.

If the E3 convention lives up to previous years, there will be some pretty amazing advances in the video gaming industry announced in Los Angeles this week.


Mafia Wars encourages illegal activity – and then rewards it.

One of the most popular Facebook games is also one of the most controversial – Mafia Wars, created by social media mega-giant Zynga.

Do you love animals? Create a virtual zoo on Facebook using the Zoo World application and you will be able to support real zoo animals all over the world.

Zoo World, created by RockYou! , has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to allow its users to easily make a donation to specific causes.

The most popular application in Facebook history is introducing millions of users a month to the agriculture industry – but they won’t have to leave their desk.

Want to “put a smile on a baby fish” while surfing the web today? Look no further than the Facebook application Happy Aquarium.

Happy Aquarium, created by Crowdstar, is one of the largest and fastest growing Facebook games to date. As of May 2010 the game had over 17 million monthly active users on Facebook. That’s more users than the entire population of Chile!

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