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I just figured out how to save the newspaper industry!

My idea (actually it’s not all that original, but hopefully I’m taking it a step further) is to stop selling newspapers and instead sell newspaper apps via the iTunes’ App Store!

palm-preThe Pre, Palm Inc.’s new smart phone can connect to Apple’s iTunes software, allowing one to download music and photos just like an iPod or iPhone.

It’s interesting since the Pre isn’t made by Apple Inc. However, third-party software is available that lets some digital music players masquerade as iPods in iTunes.

Napster has a plan to become an even bigger competitor with iTunes, Rhapsody, Zune Marketplace, LaLa, and other music download services.


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verizon-wireless-logo_001Verizon Wireless annouced that as of May 17th, they will sell Hewlett-Packard Co’s netbook computers. It will be priced at $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate in addition to a new two-year activation on a mobile broadband plan.

Verizon said the netbook will weigh 2.4 pounds and include a Window XP Home edition operating system, with a monthly charge of $39.99.hp-mini-mi1

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On Thursday, AT&T said it would start selling iPhones on March 26th without a 2 year contract.

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Michael Schroeder is a risk taker. I like risk takers. Schroeder is the soon-to-be owner of two Connecticut daily newspaper, The Bristol Press and New Britain Herald. It’s a tough time to be getting into the newspaper business, but if he wants to make a go of it, I say GO FOR IT! A journalists working hard at being an entrepreneur, I love it.

There are a lot of people, including yours truly, who have an opinion or two about the future of journalism, specifically the future of newspapers. One of the voices I often listen to, to gain perspective about the changing media landscape is Allan Mutter. Mutter is a veteran of old and new media. I’m a frequent reader of his blog, Reflections of a Newsosaur. He’s a very insightful man.

Reuters calculated that based on the Journal Registers 12-month low price of $0.004 cents a share, the company that owns the New Haven Register is worth $157,440. The average home price in CT is $338,772.

Maybe Minnesota’s favorite funkster Prince can dig deep in his pocket to help out The Star Tribune newspaper.  The New York Times is reporting The Star Tribune, which is not owned by the Tribune Company, is saying “nope, we ain’t going to pay no more,” on that $9 million we owe the “Man.”

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Despite current money woes and staff reductions at many of its newspaper properties, it’s being reported that the Tribune Company, corporate owners of WTIC-TV Fox 61 and the Hartford Courant, is among the companies bidding to buy 50 of CBS’s radio stations. One of the radio stations involved in the sale would be Hartford area based WTIC-AM.

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