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Instead of scouring a number of different blogs and websites as a journalist, cut to the chase and get your news directly from Twitter! Right now, Twitter is the king of social media, so start out by setting up your own profile if you have not done so already.

There is no way to ignore the changing times, including the fact that many physical newspapers are closing their office doors. Journalism is something that thrives on news, and it has often been associated with headlines in the newspaper.
Nowadays, all of these headlines have been transferred to the Internet, but that does not mean that a journalist is out of a job! It simply means that a journalist needs to adapt and change with the times, starting with social media. Oftentimes, journalists will gather information from PR people to find the latest facts for news coverage. Nowadays, these PR people can be substituted with bloggers who cover the newest hot topics directly online.

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As a public relations professional, one of your main tasks is to increase the news and hype about a company that you are representing. This will work to boost their visibility, and it will also attract further customers to their brand.
The old-fashioned way to go about this was through newspapers and commercials, but television and radio have easily taken second place to the Internet. One of the main reasons that this is so prevalent is because anyone can promote themselves online! Why else would a horrible American Idol contestant like William Hung have been so popular if it were not for YouTube? If someone like this can create their own 15 minutes of fame, then you better believe that you can generate even greater results as a PR representative.
To begin with, using a number of different social media profiles will increase your area of influence in representing a brand online. Internet users these days are going directly to social media as their news source, so if the company that you are working with does not have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, then they are severely limiting the people that they can reach. Even further, it is ideal for your client to have their own blog that they update continually.
The reason that blogs are so important for any type of business online is that they will jump to the top of the search engine results on Google because they are new and fresh content. Internet users can easily find this information to be directed back to the company website, and the blogs can also be updated immediately to social media profiles, like Twitter.
This is a circular effect that gains immediate exposure for a company and brand!

I’ve really been trying to keep my enthusiasm for the iPad release down to a minimum. After all I’m a highly paid journalist who is supposed to be objective. Actually I’m not all that highly paid; and when it comes to anything Apple I’m usually not very objective.
I’ve been an Apple user (junkie) going on 25 years. In 1986 my ex-wife gave me a MacPlus because she didn’t know what to do with it. She was doing some graphic design sub contracting work for the Navy. The Navy demanded that the work be done on the MacPlus. After the contract was over the graphic design firm told her to keep the computer because they couldn’t see ever having another reason to use the Mac again. After she gave me the computer I learned how to use PageMaker. Learning that software in the late 80’s and early 90’s provided a huge boost to my communications career.
Other than my two boys from the marriage, my ex never gave me a finer present. Apple’s success — and failures — over the past two and half decades have closely mirrored my own professional and personal ups and downs.
I literally almost died shortly after an employer provided me with an Apple 5300 Powerbook. The laptop had nothing to do with me almost dying, but my near demise occurred shortly after it was given to me.
On a brighter note the “Ah Ha” moment that catapulted my current interest the future of media production and distribution came in 1999 when Apple released iMovie. I knew back then that putting video production/editing tools into the hands of the “common man” would be a game changer. I take great joy in gloating that I was right.
There’s hardly a product Apple has made that I haven’t used.
Now comes the iPad. I am definitely going to buy one. But I won’t be buying one on the first day, or the first week. In fact I probably won’t buy one until the second version comes out. As much as I’m an Apple Fan Boy, I’ve also learned that Apple products tend to need one or two version upgrades before the desired functionality catches up with the initial design and hype.
All of that said, I’ll still be at the mall bright and early Saturday to watch and interview what will certainly be a large crowd of other Apple enthusiasts anxiously awaiting to get a hold of Apple’s latest innovation.
Will the iPad be successful? Yes. But it won’t be the hardware that’s going to make the gadget a “must-have,” it’s as this article I found on Mashable suggests, the iPad (and not me) will live or die on the success of the apps created for it.

Anyone in a public office may already be plugged into a number of social media profiles, but there are dos and don’ts in how to control your public social media profile. If you want the ultimate success in supporting your political party, creating awareness for a cause, or even being reelected to office, social media is a must, followed with these top tips for etiquette:
1. Offer content that is of value. So many people are turned off by the government and politics in general, and it has truly become a source of contention through negative press over the years. If you want to turn the tables and gain even more public support, offer content that is valuable! Twitter is the easiest place to begin, and you can start with genuine tweets in conversation, or even information about your real life, as well as the cause that you represent. People don’t want to hear canned responses from politicians in social media, but they want to use this opportunity to really get to know you and what you represent.
2. Don’t talk trash online. Anyone and everyone can track what you say on the Internet, so make sure that you don’t put down your competitors or other government officials on a social media website. This not only makes you look bad, but it also puts a negative spin on politicians in general.
3. Give to get. This is a simple golden rule that you may have learned in elementary school, but people do not want to hear any individual obsessed with self promotion. The best thing that you can do to get ahead as a politician through social media is to start reaching out to other people to get to know them first. Isn’t that what politics is all about?
4. Work on building relationships. The bottom line is that social media will dramatically expand your sphere of influence as a politician, and you can begin to make connections with other people that don’t live in your specific region or state. If you hold a public office, these types of connections are invaluable, and when you begin to cultivate relationships all over the United States, people will start to get to know who you are and what you represent. A free and effective form of publicity!
5. Monitor how often you ask for help. Yes, government officials and politicians need volunteers, votes, and financial support, but it should be done in moderation. You should be willing to give your time, advice, and even money to other people before asking for something in return. If you are raising funds for a campaign, you need to create some serious roots in relationships in social media before asking for financial support online. This is something that will turn people off instantly, yet on the flipside, they will be more than willing to support you if you have built relationships with them online!
The bottom line is that social media is the way of the future for government officials, and these helpful tips will make your success even easier!

Social media encompasses a number of different online venues, including social media websites, blogging, and online profiles, like Twitter. If you are a public relations representative, then social media is the new way to interact and represent your clients!
To begin with, let’s discuss the use of social bookmarking and public relations. If you are representing a company with an online website, then it is imperative that you work to get their site bookmarked on a number of different social bookmarking sites. Some examples of these are Delicious or StumbleUpon. These are social bookmarking sites driven by users where they will mark their favorites and pass them on to their friends.
There is no better way to get the word out there about a newer company than by getting the webpage bookmarked so that other visitors will take notice. And how do you get a company’s website bookmarked effectively? The only way to do this is through providing relevant and hot content. Of course, it does need to relate to the niche market of the company, but if you can get creative and add how to articles, videos, and even quizzes to the website, then users will be more likely to take notice of it and bookmark it.
Once users have bookmarked your website, it can be easily e-mailed to other people that they interact with. The truth is that so many people online go directly to social bookmarking sites as their main source of information, so you are overlooking a great resource if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity in public relations.

A lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes here at Rick’s RSS to totally revamp the way the site looks and more importantly provide high quality editorial content that you can truly use in your professional communication life.

Since we are now officially in the holiday shopping season I thought the blog post I just read, — If Newspapers Were Stores, Would Visitors Be “Worthless” Then? —  would be my early Christmas present to you.


Although the Internet has been around for decades, there’s no question that during the past ten years the net has experienced its most rapid growth. What’s been the most “influential” Internet moment? The Webby folks recently took a shot at trying to define the Ten Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade. They chose the following:

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