Whether you are beginning or experienced in your journalism career, the Internet is the tool that you have been looking for to gain exposure and take your work to the next level! One of the biggest benefits of social media to a journalist is making a name for yourself. This is something that can happen through involvement in social networks, allowing you to not only garner the hottest topics, but also put your face out there for greater recognition.

First of all, social media is imperative to the journalist because it provides legitimate and serious connections. Many writers and journalists work freelance, and if this is the case for you, then make sure that you are plugged into Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In to make business and career connections. Freelance work requires branding yourself online, but lucky for you, these social media websites are a free form of self marketing.

The point of these social media profiles in enhancing your career is allowing yourself to make genuine connections with your colleagues. These are people that you may never meet face-to-face, but take the time to research people in your career path on Twitter and Facebook to comment to them and begin a conversation. People can smell spam, so make sure that your comments and connections are genuine to cultivate long-lasting relationships.

This is something that will help to establish your connections in the same manner as exchanging business cards at a party, and you can also use these social media connections to further your career and find journalism opportunities!