The Wrong Way

Social Media Etiquette

If you are operating as a PR firm representing a number of different clients, then you have probably discovered the advantage of social media to expose their businesses and brand names. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind as the right and wrong ways to approach social media through PR:

• Do not overstep your boundaries and require employees to use their own personal social media profiles to promote your company.

Make sure that employees online that are representing your company have appropriate profiles. Facebook pictures can cause serious issues if they are in bad taste.

Use valuable content to promote your brand or company. Social media users will only be attracted to realistic and legitimate content, so make it worthwhile and not just to fill space.

Network all of your social media accounts. If your company is plugged in to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, then make sure to update all new information on all accounts, and also use one account to promote another.

Be a part of the conversation. If you are representing a specific brand, then people are probably talking about it online in social media websites. Having your own profile allows you to participate and represent yourself or your clients.

Don’t give low blows. There may be many other competitors on a number of different websites talking badly about your brand, but don’t stoop to their level. Even though other companies may be doing it, people don’t respond well to bashing or trash talking.

These tips are just the beginning, but having the proper etiquette when using social media for PR will get you farther than you can imagine!