Free Twitter badgeHow To Use Twitter in PR

If you have not yet created a Twitter account as a PR representative, then add that to the top of your list! Social media is one of the newest trends online, but it is also a lasting way to establish credibility for your business.

To begin with, start following and connecting with people on Twitter. The reason that this is so important in PR is that it is a huge mistake to just follow people blindly and never talk to them. There is no reason to attempt to get 1 million followers like some celebrities have done, but instead, make real connections to allow people to remember who you are. People on any social media site are incredibly turned off to spam, so check generic tweets at the door and truly get to know people.

If you have made a pitch with an account or client, you can also use Twitter to check in with them. This is a nonconfrontational and easy way to make connections with people, and they will often be more apt to respond in this type of non-threatening environment.

Last of all, when using Twitter, make listening your priority. People come to Twitter to connect and vent, so it is a good move to listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. It does not have to be all about you! Yes, you may have plugged into social media to gain exposure to your brand, but you will make much more of an impact when you are listening and interacting with people than simply talking about yourself.

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