One of the most important things to remember as a nonprofit is that the Internet runs on fresh content, which is set in place through social media. Even if you already are active in several social media venues, it is to the advantage of your nonprofit organization to continue to generate fresh content.

One of the best places to do this is in Squidoo, which allows you to create your own profile and area of interest, called a lens. The reason that this is imperative for your nonprofit organization is because it allows you to establish yourself as an expert. Even better, so many users online look to this website for information because it provides content in a concise format that is easy to access. As an example, if you are an organization hoping to raise money for breast cancer research, then you can create a complete lens dedicated to this specific topic. This means that anyone online looking for information about breast cancer will come directly to you for the wealth of information that you provide.

From this point, they can also link back to your website to find out more about what your nonprofit has to offer. People respect sources of credible information, and the best way to stand out as a charitable organization or nonprofit is to work on acting as an expert in your area of interest. Anyone who comes upon your information will realize that you know what you are talking about, and they will also be more apt to go directly to your website to volunteer or donate if they are interested.