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Publisher, Entrepreneur, Journalist and Professor, Rick Hancock is the source to understanding how the web and social media work.

Providing media solutions that work for your business, we are here to help you stay connected to clients and attract new customers.

Simplifying Social Media
• Social Media Marketing
• Public Speaking
• On-Site Training

Digital Media Production
MyLinkedInTwitterFacebookSpace and more
Multimedia and Interactive content production

Entrepreneurial Journalism
Social Networking
New Media Training
• Coaching and Consulting

We’ve worked with a diverse customer base. How can we help you?
• Corporations
• Non profits
• Entrepreneurs
• Small Business Enterprises

If you would like to solicit Rick’s consulting services or invite him as a guest speaker, please email him at for more information and pricing.

Contact us:
Potpourri Media, LLC, 1245 Farmington Ave, #371, West Hartford, CT 06107

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